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This more of a show and tell post.  Here’s what’s goin’ on around these parts!

I finished a new bag!  It can be so difficult to source hardware locally.  I keep trying, but the one location I usually go to, this last time felt like they were phasing out their hardware stock.  Slim pickin’s there, so I went online.  I would love to hear your favorite online source for purse hardware – please do share.

So I picked the Checkered Shoulder Bag to make up – and proudly, did not buy any fabric.  Everything was in the stash. Maybe the stash is getting too big… nah, no such thing!  After my first pass through this book, Natural Patchwork, the Checkered bag was on my mental to-do list.  I have been wanting to make a cross-body bag, and needed a place to put my new Team Tiger patch.  Kill two birds with one stone!  Team Tiger patch is from Mokuyobi.


Last weekend our guild had a charity sew-in day during our quilt show.  Here’s some guild members getting busy! The East Bay Modern Quilters collaborated with another local guild, the East Bay Heritage Quilters.  Those ladies are super dedicated to the children’s charity quilts, thanks ladies!


Children’s Quilts sew day at Stitch Modern 2016

Here is my quilt hanging in the show.  It is called Sampler Quilt I – yes, I’m great at creative titles.


Sampler Quilt I – with blocks from Tula Pink City Sampler and The Farmer’s Wife

And lastly, here are some trimmings from my work on the postage stamp quilt that is sloooowly progressing.  Actually bad news on that front, my quilt math was wrong — I had to cut 140 more strips (and also sew them) AND add two side borders to make the final quilt the size I want it to be.  I was disappointed, but I guess this is as good a time as any to make that discovery.  🙂



You could say that we are obsessed with everything kitty around here. Our felines have trained us well, we can open doors on cue, turn on faucets for the freshest water and sit still for lap cat naps.  We are good stewards of modern cat living.





When my friend Terri of The Quilted Fox asked for testers for her new I Spy the Alphabet Quilt pattern, the first thing that came to mind was C-A-T, of course! I wondered what I could make with only three blocks and did not come up with much.  But then I remembered Elizabeth Hartman‘s cat quilt, and voila – we have four blocks and a new tote bag!  I couldn’t stop with just one cat block, so I made four more for the back of the tote bag.  It was so fun to dig around in my scrap bin to create these cat faces.

Cat Tote Front

Cat Tote Front

Cat Tote Back

Cat Tote Back

Terri’s Alphabet Quilt is bold and modern and fun to make.  It is a paper piecing pattern, but don’t let that deter you from trying.  I am not experienced at paper piecing, and you can’t even see the little errors I made.  🙂  There are so many paper piecing tutorials on the internet, you’ll be a pro in no time.  Terri’s pattern also lends itself so well to fussy cutting, you could go crazy with different themes.   Maybe even a little cat-crazy…  My fussy cut cat fabric was manufactured by Michael Miller, and were scraps from pajamas I made years ago.  I suspect the fabric is no longer in print.  But don’t worry, I’ve done alot of market “research” and there are lots of great kitty fabrics on the market right now.  Whiskers and Selena approve.

It’s been a while, but that’s not because there is nothing going on…

Do you support local schools with auction items?  This year I decided to make and donate a bag to the auction for my daughter’s elementary school – I’m hoping it at least makes as much money as I spent making it!  This bag is made from the I’ll Have One of Everything Bag pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s book Seams To Me and includes upcycled denim and corduroy. I added some hand stitching for interest, and a couple of prints for color.  It turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself, fingers crossed it finds a good home.


Book and torn strips for the purse handle.

Book and torn strips for the purse handle.

During spring break around here Big Sis went away for a couple of days, so Li’l Sis helped me make these really fun jellybean bean bags.  It’s amazing how quick these came together with a little helper, she was the felt cutter and right side out turner and also bean filler!  (Didn’t leave much for me to do)  The girls and their cousin each got 3 – unfortunately their shape doesn’t lend themselves well to juggling.  I’m sure they can be used for mischief somehow.  We found the tutorial from Purl Bee, here. 

Jellybean bean bags!

Jellybean bean bags!

Also during spring break, I found myself stitching up these sashiko napkins at every idle moment for Mom’s birthday.  These unadorned spring colored napkins practically threw themselves at me at Target.  I thought they were the perfect canvas for some nice, simple hand stitching.  Since Mom’s birthday was right around the corner, I couldn’t pass them up.  Two of my favorite tools for sashiko are my Clover brand transfer paper (not pictured) – love that stuff – not cheap but it works great and can be used multiple times over before the sheet is done and my Clover brand adjustable thimble as you see in the picture.  If you are searching for a good thimble, I recommend it – highly.

IMG_4329 IMG_4327

Having been smitten with leather lately, and leather accents on bags and such, I’ve decided to give it a try.  Up next, a faux Midori Traveler notebook with leather cover – except I’m going to use notebook inserts from Field Notes.  The little journals are made in the USA with high quality papers, and are simple yet elegant AND I sourced them from a local paperie which I was excited about.  Will let you know how this all goes, onward! Apologies in advance for the horrible picture today – rain in the sky and my dark house do not make for nice photos.

IMG_4372PPS.  Just to let you in on my plans… I hope to start a series of posts about how to use Inkscape as it relates specifically to quilting – and for newbies like me who know nothing!  I’ve been really interested in the Quilt Design a Day blog, and want to give things a whirl but need to learn the computer program first – and who can afford Adobe’s Illustrator anymore?!

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