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I spent a delightful 3 days/2 nights with quilt-y friends socializing and working like crazy.  If you ever get an opportunity to go to a retreat, I highly recommend it.  It’s inspiring to see others’ work, energizing to get a fresh new view out the window, and so wonderful to go a weekend without cooking or cleaning.  Woot!


The eating place


The walking place


The mossy trees place


I got lots of work done.  The baby quilt for Baby O has a completed quilt top, completed quilt backing and also completely basted!  The sewing place was big enough for me to put three tables together to baste.  At home, I’d be doing that on the floor and fighting off the kitties the whole time.  It was worth the trip just to get my quilt basted.


The sewing.

And then, with only a couple of hours left before we departed, my friend Mary and I decided to collaborate on a mini quilt.  I took the Heather block (upper L block in photo below) from the 1930’s Farmers’ Wife book and tried to draft it to a 6″ finished block based on a proportional drawing but without any indications of the size of the pieces.  It was a great brain exercise, trying to transpose the picture into cut pieces, and then into a quilt block.  An exercise I failed at miserably, most likely due to forgetting to add back in seam allowances.  My 6″ block came out to 4″ (not to mention a few wonky triangles) – oops!  Easy enough to add a border to it, but boy did I make my life more difficult than it had to be!


And more sewing…

Goodness gracious, where the time goes, I do not know!  Hello peeps, there are lots of busy things going on around here but not a lot of quilting now.  I did finish a quilt a few weeks ago, but still need to take photos.  Soon.

For now, I thought I’d share my new venture.  Sewing camp!  Yes, perhaps slightly insane, yet insanely fun.  I always thought it would be a great way to earn a little extra cash, keep my own children busy, and share my talent and love for sewing at the same time.  This year I finally took the plunge and offered a sewing camp to neighbors and friends of my kids.  Lo and behold, I filled up two weeks worth of sewing camp.  It may just be the end of me, but at least I’ll die happy.


Everything is ready!

Everything is ready!

We set up everything on our deck outside.  We have shade, tables, chairs, lots of extension cords and piles of fabric to play with!  The kids will learn to read a pattern, take measurements, adjust pattern pieces for length, insert elastic, and end with a complete pair of pj pants.  Maybe with a pincushion or needle book thrown in for good measure.  Here they are working hard.

Busy little bees.

Busy little bees.


I lied, I did do a little quilting recently.  I joined an improv round robin with my guild, EBMQ, and here is a photo of my contribution.  We used the Round Robin chapter of Sherri Lynn Wood’s book The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, as our guide for getting started.  June was the first month, and I was given the lower left block as a starting point.  I decided to play with other log cabins in a sampler type way as my response to the original piece.  The quilter of the original block also provided all the fabrics.  It was a good challenge for me.   I’m working on July as we speak — well, truthfully, after sewing camp is over…

Improv Round Robin June

Improv Round Robin June



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