Yes, it’s small and was a quick project, but it’s finished!  I’ve discovered how much I like to start things, yet finishing them seems to be much more difficult.  This year I am trying to change that.  I started this little pouch because we needed a way to keep all our dice in one spot.  Our tradition at home is to have game night on Sundays, and recently we taught the girls to play Liar’s Dice, and well, now we have LOTS of dice.  Our spotty dice needed to live in a dotty pouch, so here we are!  Plus, in college I always wanted a ladybug tattoo but never got one so this is the next best thing (and probably much nicer to look at). Hah!  Singing praises THAT never happened, yes indeed.   In case you are wondering, the ladybugs are Charley Harper fabric produced by Birch Fabrics.

Dotty Pouch

I made Noodlehead’s Open Wide Zipper Pouch, she writes concise, clear tutorials.  I used quilt batting scraps to interface the pouch so now it’s nice and squishy.  And sturdy.  I’ve made these for teachers’ gifts too, perfect to stuff a gift card into, and when I’m really planning ahead I have the kids sign the inside lining which is a fun thing.

This weekend is retreat weekend with my quilt guild, and I hope to have one or maybe two new finishes to share.  Woot!  Here’s to a weekend of ALL sewing and NO cooking and NO cleaning.

What are you finishing this weekend??