Dusting off the blog today after maaaaaany years!

I have been wanting to experiment with an indigo vat in my backyard for a long time, now. I finally decided that yep, it’s time. I ordered the supplies from Dharma and will have it up and running by Labor Day. Sounds fun, right? I’m a newbie dyer, so took the easy route and bought a kit that Dharma says is technically synthetic indigo. I’m okay with that, I’d like my first trial to be a success and this seemed to be a good way to begin. So, we BEGIN!

I was looking for ideas for what to do with said indigo vat. As a result of that search, I bring you the shibori inspiration round-up for your perusal. I bought enough to make two 5 gallon buckets worth, and supposedly that will dye a total of 10 yards of fabric!

  • Design Sponge has a post that describes some folding techniques for shibori beginners.
  • I also love these simple techniques with basic household items (alligator clips, paint stir sticks, chopsticks, wooden clothespins etc) from Alice & Lois.
  • This blog post from A Piece of Rainbow shows three different techniques for shibori that use needle and thread for resist.
  • Last but not least, I have personally fallen in love with the idea of MACHINE sewing resist. Kim Eichler Messmer has some examples of this if you peruse her website. She doesn’t give instructions, but I’m obsessed with the subtlety of the color and patterns created with this type of resist technique. I’m pretty sure the quilt on the left on her Home page is made with this technique. Check out her site, it’s a visual treat for all!

We could go on for days, but there’s other business to take care of. I think this list gives a quick intro to the various types of shibori resist techniques and I hope it inspires you as much as it does me. Enjoy!